To help you hit the ground running, Phenom Apps™ offers a professional App Design & Content Service. We will create and design an app perfectly catered to your business’s brand as long as it meets the guidelines below.  


If you’re planning on having your app live on the Apple App Store, we'll design your app in accordance with Apple's Approval Guidelines.  

The service includes up to 3 rounds of revisions per app (e.g. color, imagery, text). Any additional revisions will be $50 per hour (2 additional rounds max).  

The App Design & Con&ent Service incorporates both graphics and feature content of your app. The content included will be based upon the information you provide.  


App Design & Conten&: $499  

Expedite fee: $99  


The standard turnaround time is 5-7 business days. Our Expedited Service guarantees the app will be completed in 5 business days.  


What's required  

A front-end business website with high quality images and a logo (preferred). If the business does not have a website, we will need at least 5 high quality images and a logo to customize the template.  

What's Included  

A dynamic Home Screen design  



Feature imagery  

Feature Iconography  

App Icon & Splash Loading Screen & All app graphics will be optimized for Mobile  

Up to 10 features that do not exceed 20 items each (App content will be added according to the information you provide.)  

What's NOT included  

More than 10 features. Each template will have 5 - 7 features depending on the Industry.  

Content heavy features that exceed 20 items. If you would like more than 20 items added to a Feature, there will be a hourly rate of $35 for additional content input. Content heavy features include:  

Food Ordering Feature  

Merchandise Feature  

Reservation Feature  

Membership Feature  

Info Tier 2/3 Feature  

Event Feature  

Real Estate Feature  

Publish page “Basic Information” will not be added. The app name, description, keywords, app icon name, etc., need to be confirmed by you before the app is published.  

  Requests We Won't Accept  

Any design requests that fall under our "no-go" industries  

Requests that are unable to provide high quality imagery and a logo for their app  

Apps in a language other than English  

  After the design is complete, the app will be transferred to your Partner account and we'll email you the app code, username, and password. The design fee will be charged to your account immediately.  

  To request this service, please complete our App Design & Content Request Form.  

  Note: App Design fees are non-refundable